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About Standard Spoon

Rachel and Shawn of Standard Spoon

Standard Spoon was founded in 2014 by Shawn Michael and Rachel Eva in San Diego, California. We're two artists, designers, and dreamers, and we love cocktails and the people who make them. We serve the bartending and cocktail loving community by creating innovative new versions of the tools we use, with functionality, good design and integrity at the core of each concept.

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Buy Online anytime: You can also find us at the following retail locations:


Boston, MA: The Boston Shaker (Sommerville)

Los Angeles, CA: Bar Keeper (Silverlake)

Louisville, KY: Coming Soon!

Orange County, CA: The Mixing Glass (Costa Mesa)

San Diego, CA: Polite Provisions (30th & University)

San Francisco, CA: Coming Soon!


Toronto, ON: Coming Soon!

Vancouver, BC: Coming Soon!

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