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  • High Functionality Meets High Art

    At Standard Spoon, we elevate the standard in barware

It's the little things

We don't believe in "throw away" products.

We believe in taking the time to do things right -- even the little things.

Precise measurements, counterweighted balance points, durable finishes... we put as much thought and care into our tool design as you put into your cocktails.

  • Ebony Muddler

    A Masterpiece

    Produced in Partnership with
    Taylor Guitars

Gorgeous Materials - World Class Partners

Are we proud of our partnership with Taylor Guitars? You bet we are!

They're a legendary American brand, and their values are our values: Fine craftsmanship, beauty, and uncompromising design.

Our Ethically Harvested Ebony Muddler is the crown jewel in our collection (ok, it's one of the crown jewels in our collection).

The natural gold flecking on the classic midnight black wood is unique for every muddler we make.

It is the perfect complement to our 24k Gold or Patina Silver Jigger in our Indulgence Collection

  • Hammered Mixing Glass

    Fitted for Our Spoons & the Perfect Stir

The Best Barware on the market. . .but we won't price you out

Not everyone wants a 24k gold jigger or an ebony muddler (yet).

So we priced our products so you can grow with us.

Access Series is as elegantly designed as our Indulgence Series, but with steel & maple vs. silver and ebony.

And our mid-range Aesthetic Series has a coppery charm all its own.

Beauty and design within reach for everyone.

How You Do One Thing is How You Do Everything

At Standard Spoon, we do the little things well so you can do the big things better.

We are Artists & Designers first.

And we designed our tools to solve the important issues of bartenders and mixologists: Balanced spoons, precise measurements, tools that won't flake or break. All in materials that dazzle the eye and reward the touch.

A Higher Standard

For years, we've offered a Lifetime Guarantee on our tools. But we've become so obsessive about our designs and the quality of the craftsmanship of these tools, that we are now backing them with a Generational Guarantee.

We want you to be able to pass our tools down to the next generation and beyond.

You put a lot of time and love into your cocktails, and we put a lot of time and love into our tools. And that's something you should never "throw away."

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