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Maple Muddler

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This streamlined muddler is made of dense, solid maple wood, with a smoothly tapered end for two muddling diameters. Each muddler is finished with natural mineral oil - no chemicals, shedding stains, or flaking varnishes to get into your cocktail!  

Since this muddler is made from natural wood, variations and markings in wood grain patterns will occur.


  • Solid Canadian Maple
  • Flat muddle end (not toothed) to properly press herbs and crush fruits without tearing or shredding
  • Finished with natural mineral oil
  • Perfect profile and length for muddling in all glassware, including a tall, slim collins glass.
  • The muddler is 10" long, and measures 1-3/8" diameter on the large end, and 3/4" diameter on the small end.

Maple Wood, 10 inches (20.5 cm) long , 4.5 oz (127.6 g). 

The Maple Muddler Story:

A muddler should never have paint, varnish, or any kind of coating on it - and surprisingly, a LOT of them do. We wanted a muddler that was simple, streamlined and all-natural, one that wouldn’t leave flakes of chemicals in a cocktail. I (Rachel Eva) also love cocktails with muddled mint, but too many muddlers with rough teeth just rip and tear the mint to shreds, which releases chlorophyll, and imparts a bitter flavor. So, we made this one with a nice, wide muddle end to firmly press the oils from herbs, and trap even the slipperiest of strawberries.

We manufacture all of our products with three things in mind: utmost utility, beautiful design, and uncompromising quality. With the Maple Muddler, we hand-finish each piece after inspection with natural mineral oil, so nothing gross gets in your drink.

We recommend washing with a mild soap, and occasionally treating the wood by rubbing with a light coating of mineral oil to preserve it (do this with all your natural wood kitchen tools - they’ll thank you.)


Shawn Michael & Rachel Eva

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