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Our Barware

Our Spoons

Back in 2014, we determined to establish The New Standard in Barware.

There had been little innovation in bar spoons for decades, and bartenders had simply put up with poorly finished barspoons that rubbed their hands raw, poorly-plated finishes flaking off in their cocktails, and the not-at-all occasional spoon head flopping off into a drink mid-stir.

We found out that building better barware was not easy - or cheap - and we developed an innovative manufacturing process to create the first one piece, cylindrical handled spoon in barware history. 

We also developed a proprietary finishing process that would guarantee our tools would last for more than a lifetime without finishes rubbing (and flaking) off into your drinks.  

And while we were at it, we decided to set a new standard for measurements.  Since the "old days" of cocktail spoons, a barspoon measurement varied between a dash and a quarter ounce, often quoted as the equivalent of a teaspoon, but rarely actually measuring up.

At Standard Spoon we elected to create an exact measurement of 1/8 oz (including the meniscus) so that bartenders can rely on the precise measurements they require when making modern cocktails. We used the best volumetric calculations and consulted with experts to calculate this volume, which takes into consideration the convex swell of liquid held in place with the surface adhesion of a spirit, liqueur, or syrup filling the basin of our barspoon.


Our Jiggers

Jiggers have been the ultimate utilitarian bar tool for generations. In our world, "utilitarian" is another word for ugly.  And even though they were designed to be workhorses at the bar, most of them are actually quite impractical and extremely messy.

Our Napier Jigger was inspired by the time honored quality of early 20th century bartenders.  Those people had style. 

But they also saw the value in a single sided jigger that would not drip spirits or sticky syrups along their bar as they swung a double sided jigger back and forth to utilize both sides for measurements.

The straight walled, stepped jigger provides for precise measurements up to 2 1/4 oz. With1/2 oz measurements build into the jiggers at stepped increments, this jigger is one of the easiest to read (even in low light). Adding to the precision are internal markings at commonly used 1/4 and 3/4 oz measures.

While our industry friends may prefer the stackable handle-less version, the sophisticated home bartender may enjoy the iconic handled jigger for exceptional class along with precision pouring. 

Because style counts, we have created our jiggers with our artist's eye, enjoyable even as they display on the bartop when not in use (which hopefully is not that often!).

Our Access Series uses no-fuss food safe stainless steel, and we have two varieties of copper for our Aesthetic series.  And for those of you with the Midas touch, our Indulgence series features plated- or 24 karat-gold jiggers along with a stunning silver patina jigger that we intentionally aged for a stunning artistic vintage finish (with treated no-tarnish interior).  

We'd love if your entire cocktail making experience was an event from the time you lay eyes on our tools to the time you rinse them and place them back on display to show off to your guests.  At our house, we've been known to pour digestif shots into our jiggers after a delicious meal, making them true multi tools.

We know it can be hard to choose which jigger to buy, so we've created bundles so you can mix and match materials to your eye's content (and pick up a few as gifts).  Stunning design and flawless utility are what we are all about.  Nothing shows that off more than our Napier Jiggers.

Our Muddlers:

We could write an entire book about our Ebony Muddler.  It is a work of art down to the finest detail.  This stunning piece is produced in partnership with legendary Taylor Guitars, crafted by luthiers and sourced from ethically managed West African ebony wood.  

The handle was designed for ergonomic perfection, modeled after a well-used and loved hand wood planer used by master woodworkers.  We transplanted the design from rough and tumble shop tools to give you the most dynamic range of force in the more delicate bar trade.  

And we created the heavy muddling base not just to firmly press leaves and berries, extracting their best flavors, but to give maximum surface area to show off the infinite shades of gold and blonde marbling that comes naturally to this rare and misunderstood material. 

For hundreds of years, ebony has been prized for its characteristic jet black quality. As Taylor Guitars invested heavily in creating a more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable source of ebony to supply future generations of music makers, the world learned that ebony wood naturally features gorgeous swirls and streaks of gold, blonde, and chocolate marbling throughout the grain.

Ebony is incredibly dense and weighty, odorless, and washes easily without absorbing moisture. The high polish shine of our Ebony Muddler results from the density of the grain and the finely buffed wood, without any lacquer, varnish, or finishing materials (as it should be). Its finish will never wear away, and its stoic beauty will make for long conversation pieces even before you've muddled your first ingredients for the evening.  


By contrast, our Maple Muddler is our entry level tool.  It is lighter in color and weight, and its finish is the characteristic wavy buttery blond that makes Maple such a beloved material for many home goods.  

Our Maple Muddlers are two sided, with a narrow diameter tip for smaller vessels and a more focused and deliberate point weighting.  The broader side is more appropriate for plush berries and general crushing, as the thinner end becomes an easy-to-grasp handle on its reverse side. 

The Maple Muddler is tasteless and odorless and comes treated with an all natural mineral oil to prevent liquid absorption and saturation.  Hand wipe to clean and allow to dry overnight before digging in again. 


Over the next few months we plan to add at least one more muddler to our collection. We make a point to muddle more at our house and look for every excuse to make use of these beautiful, functional, and highly satisfying tools of the trade. 

All of our Muddlers are Made in USA.


Our Glassware

Many of you have been waiting for months and months for our hammered mixing glass.  It is one of our most popular items by far.  

One of our company goals is to innovate with every product we make.  So taking on a mixing glass was a unique challenge, since generic glasses have been around for centuries, and they pretty much function the same way everywhere.  So how could we innovate here?

Well, as artists, our “job” is to find beauty everywhere.  And if you can’t find it, you have to make  it.  And with our Hammered Mixing Glass, we made it.  

With each hammer and dimple on our Mixing Glasses, we refract the beauty of your cocktail-in-waiting into the world and into your eyes.  

You always see before you taste, and you always stir before you sip.  

Why shouldn’t your experience be beautiful from beginning to end?  

From the time you reach for our glass and see the light from your bar or kitchen reflected in it  to the delight you experience in the swirls and undulations of refracted Elderberry, Campari, or Midori, you should drink in the experience with your eyes even before you drink your finished cocktail with your lips.  

But there’s more.  Because, while ephemeral beauty is what makes life sparkle, pragmatic elements are what make life work

So from a technical perspective, here is why bartenders prefer our mixing glass to traditional “generic” or even Crystal Yari glasses.

Safety first: Our glasses are built with an extra heavy bottom, which reduces sliding on the bar, which is a common cause of glass breakage.  Yari Crystal glasses can be very pretty, but when they break, they shatter, causing a real mess and a real safety concern.  Our glasses are extremely durable.  In fact, this is one of the most common points of feedback from professional bartenders: They love how stable and durable our glasses are. 

Second: Size Matters.  Let’s face it.  Not everyone has huge bear-man hands.  And at Standard Spoon, we refuse to be “handist” and think everyone should be able to confidently hold their mixing glass while they stir.  Because we make the walls of our glasses extra thin, the outer diameter is smaller.  Plus the dimpled walls provide a sturdier grip to reduce slippage, even for the daintiest handed among you.  

Lastly: The cocktail nerd factor.  Our thinner walls were designed intentionally.  They help your drinks cool quicker, which reduces dilution, and creates efficiency behind the bar.  Also, the increased surface area of our dimples increases heat dissipation (much like the “fins” on an old VW engine) and helps maintain temperature and length of cocktail enjoyment for cocktails served over ice.  


Now, we didn’t have to do any of this stuff.  Pedestrian glasses are easy to make, and they are everywhere.  But we are artists & designers first, and if our extra efforts can bring extra beauty - and functionality - into your life. . . well that’s why we’re here.