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Where can I purchase Standard Spoon cocktail tools?

Buy our cocktail spoons and other cocktail books and tools online at the Standard Spoon Store.

You can also find the AERO Cocktail Spoon and WINGMAN Spinning Cocktail Spoon at, and in the following US retail locations:

How do I care for my Wingman and Aero Bar Spoons?

Both bar spoons are stainless steel and can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher with other bar tools and utensils. 

The Wingman also benefits from an occasional drop of olive oil at the top and bottom of the spinning handle, especially if you notice any noise coming from the spoon when in use. The oil you use should be foodsafe, and helps lubricate the spinning motion while reducing friction.

How do I use the Aero and Wingman Cocktail Spoons to stir drinks?

Visit our Proper Stirring Technique page under the Resources section to find more information on how to use both of our cocktail spoons.

What kind of ice should I use when stirring cocktails?

Visit our All About Ice page under the Resources section to learn more about what ice is best used for stirring and serving cocktails, including ice size, quantity, quality, and a section on clear ice.

How do I partner with Standard Spoon and/or become a retailer of your products?

Please send an email to, and we'd be happy to discuss partnership opportunities!