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Standard Spoon Barware began in 2014 when a pair of cocktail lovers proposed a new way of making cocktail tools.  They pitched their ideas to the Kickstarter community, and 318 supporters helped them make the Aero and Wingman Cocktail Spoons.

Their mission: Restore a lost standard of quality and integrity to the tools that we use.


What We Stand For

  • We believe that creativity, good design, and craftsmanship are worth fighting for.
  • We believe in ethical, sustainable, and quality manufacturing.
  • We believe that high fidelity rituals, like intentional cocktail craft, bring people together to create meaningful - and often transformational - experiences.

What We Stand Against

  • We stand against planned obsolescence and “throw-away” consumerism.
  • We dislike anonymous and opportunistic brands, and cheap tools.
  • We stand against deferred responsibility. We encourage all people to be kind to others, and to their future selves.

Our Design Philosophy

Obsessive Design: All of our tools are original designs. We elevate the beauty of cocktail tools, and obsess about the details.

Superior Usability: We prototype and test our tools with the best bartenders and highest volume bars in the world. We fixate on adding features that close the gap in barware performance.

Uncompromising Craftsmanship: If you’re going to make something, make it right. We don’t cut corners when we make tools, and often go beyond industry standards (like with our 3x thicker plating) to make sure our tools stand up to our 10-year guarantee.


Our Story

We are Rachel Eva and Shawn Michael.

We are artists and designers, and are hopelessly in love with the hospitality industry. After sitting at the bar for years, admiring the creativity, intentionality, and skill that our friends devoted to cocktail craft, we thought they should have better tools.

Rachel Eva has a background in art, writing, and risk management, and a degree in English Literature. She is known to write the occasional cocktail haiku, and at the end of the day, enjoys a Gibson Martini, or a beautiful Japanese Whiskey.

Shawn Michael is a photographer and cinematographer, and when he’s not taking photos of cocktails and barware, works on other rad projects as @ShawnSaintMichael. He’s got a weakness for smoky things like mezcal and Islay scotch.

We really believe that life is worth celebrating. When we employ high fidelity rituals like cocktail craft - whether at the bar, or at home - we connect with others, have meaningful experiences, and wake up better people because of it.