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Quotes From Our Fans

We don't like to brag. . . ok, maybe just a little bit. :)

Here are what home bartenders and professionals alike have to say about our barware.  We will try not to blush. . .


Their tools are designed with incredible thought and attention. It’s like Bosch vs. Playskool. I know I’m using the real thing”

— Leigh Russ, Bartender / Manager


“We 100% back their work. Strongest and most functional spoon I’ve ever used.”

— Rob Easter, Workhorse Rye


“Absolutely love your products! I just can’t wait to (finally) own a Napier jigger”

— Eugene, Home Bartender


“The team behind Standard Spoon led the charge to design a superior mixing glass — one that was equal parts visually compelling, functional and affordable”

— Tales of the Cocktail


"Standard Spoon saved my career.  I used to come home with bloody hands from twisty spoons, but no more!" 


"Well-weighted and nicely balanced - perfect for stirring cocktails. The lack of twists make it especially comfortable to use. It's not inexpensive, but it won't bend or deform like its more fragile competition." - Charlie, Cocktail Enthusiast